Helping professionals understand, assess and support parents/carers in blocked care

This one-day course for professionals working with adoptive parents, SGO carers or foster carers who may be at risk of or currently experiencing blocked care. It is designed to provide an understanding of the theory and research behind the brain science of blocked care, as well as strategies for assessing blocked care and supporting parents/carers.

What does the course cover?

  • What do we mean by blocked care?
  • Definition
  • Description
  • Types of blocked care
  • The brain science behind blocked care
  • Research findings about blocked care in adoption/SGO/foster families
  • How blocked care and blocked trust influence each other in a vicious cycle
    • what the child brings to the ‘whirlwind’
    • what the parent brings to the ‘whirlwind’
    • the effect on the child (and the family
  • When does blocked care become emotional abuse?
    • Small group discussion
    • Whole group feedback
  • Assessing adopters/applicants for blocked care
  • Beware ‘the tyranny of the timescales’ and the quest for a quick fix
  • Supporting adopters/applicants in blocked care – a trauma informed approach
    • acknowledging the power imbalance
    • considering your own value system
    • recognising your own ‘blocked care’
    • cascading compassion
  • Interventions that can support parents/carers in blocked care
  • Other practical strategies and applications for supporting parents/carers in blocked care

Exercises, activities, video clips and discussions are used throughout the course to enhance the teaching and content.

Training is delivered by a highly qualified clinical psychologist and/or therapist with many years’ experience working with trauma and attachment.

Course details:

Level: Advanced

Days: One

Session length: 6.5 hours

Cost: £1500 + VAT

Maximum participants: 12 (please contact us if you require a larger group)

Location: This course can be delivered virtually (Zoom) or at our specialist training facility in Stoke-on-Trent. If you would prefer us to deliver the course at your facility, additional travel and accommodation costs will be incurred.

Dates: Please contact us to book this course for your team. Alternatively, please view our upcoming events.

Consultation package: ongoing support for your team

This one-day course can be followed by regular (monthly or bi-monthly) consultations with the staff team, facilitated by a Gateway Psychology clinician, to assist in application of the ideas and principles of the programme. However, this is not costed for within the one-day training fee and would need to be negotiated separately.

What professionals think about our CPD courses

would recommend the course to others
found the content useful and informative
valued the expertise of our psychologists

“Informative and helpful course. Engaging and educational, with practical tips to apply to real life situations.”

“Very informative. Great to learn about things that relate to daily struggles and having strategies to try to support the children.”

“Very very interesting, informative, useful and engaging. Couldn’t have gone any better. Taking a lot from it. Best training I’ve been on. Thank you!!! :)”

“The best CPD training, will definitely recommend.”

“Powerpoint and discussions all directly linked to what we hoped to achieve. Engaging from start to finish. Thank you.”

“Having light bulb moments and being able to think of specific children and now understand how to help more and support them.”

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