We regularly work with professionals and organisations

Our team of highly specialist clinical psychologists and psychological therapists are experienced in working with partner organisations to support children, young people and families – and the systems around them. We provide a variety of different services to professionals and organisations, including clinical supervision, training and consultation.

Working together to provide collaborative support is essential

We know that children, young people and families are best supported when the system around them works together. We believe it is essential that all professional organisations are on the same page when supporting a child or young person.

That’s why we regularly work with Local Authorities, Regional Adoption Agencies, schools, residental care facilities and other organisations to provide training, consultation and other specialist psychological services.

If you would like to work with Gateway Psychology, please get in touch with us about your requirements. We would be delighted to partner with you.

We are experienced in providing services such as:

  • Consultation and consultation clinics

  • Supervision

  • Training and workshops

  • Webinar packages

  • CPD training

  • Bespoke training

  • Care coordination

  • Conference speaking

  • Reflective spaces

We aim to deliver responsive, flexible and timely services to the professionals and organisations we partner with.

The types of organisations we work with

  • Local Authorities

  • Regional Adoption Agencies

  • NHS Services (e.g. CAMHS)

  • Schools and colleges

  • Residential care facilities

  • Fostering agencies

  • Charities

  • GP surgeries

  • Insurance providers

Making a referral

If you wish to refer a child, young person or family to our service, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We do not operate a waiting list, although we can only begin work once we have a confirmation of funding approval (such as a purchase order).


Our goal is to provide a high-quality, flexible and timely service that really makes a difference in the lives of the children, young people and families we work with.

“It is a fantastic service, always there to support and help our agency, we truly value the working relationship we have with Gateway. Thank you.”

“The service we receive is flexible and responsive to our needs.”

“I find Gateway’s advice invaluable and the feedback from parents is they find the support valuable to support them to parent their children. Staff are professional and knowledgeable in their field and extremely approachable and friendly.”

“My experience of working with Gateway has been very positive, both from the point of administration, assessment and direct intervention they complete with families. They are flexible and supportive both to professionals and parents.”