Therapeutic parenting training courses and psychological training

Children and young people who have experienced a difficult early start may need a particular kind of care and parents might need to use a different way of responding to challenging behaviour. These specialised techniques can be quite different to more ‘typical’ parenting strategies. That’s why we offer a range of therapeutic parenting programmes to help parents, carers and professionals support their children and young people. Our programmes are developed in-house by Gateway Psychology and delivered by highly experienced clinical psychologists and psychological therapists. We also develop and deliver psychological training for professionals, such as social workers, teachers and other therapists.

eTR-UST Therapeutic Reparenting

eTR-UST is an 8-week therapeutic reparenting course for parents and carers of children who have experienced early trauma, abuse or neglect. It is suitable for adoptive parents, SGO carers and foster carers. It is delivered virtually in a group environment using Zoom.

Drawing on ideas and research from experts in the industry, this course provides in-depth theory and practical strategies to help parents and carers understand and support the needs of their children. It also offers parents and carers the opportunity to meet and support other parents in similar situations to them.

Adolescence, Attachment and Building Connection (A-ABC)

Adolescence, Attachment and Building Connection (A-ABC) explores attachment in teenagers, including their brain development and how this applies to adolescents who have experienced early trauma.

This in-depth therapeutic reparenting programme demonstrates how many of the brain changes that occur during adolescence mean that teenagers lose some of their previous skills and abilities, and introduces the implications of this within a history of attachment and developmental trauma.

CPD training for professionals

In addition to training courses for parents and carers, we regularly deliver CPD training courses for professionals. Our evidence-based courses topics like ‘Supporting Traumatised Children in School‘ or ‘Pre-Verbal Trauma.’ These can be delivered virtually or face-to-face, depending on requirements. We also develop bespoke CPD programmes upon request.

Our training courses for professionals are developed in-house by our highly experienced team of clinical psychologists and psychological therapists. They are backed by extensive research and resources on how trauma affects the brain, and always include practical strategies to help professionals support the children and young people they work with.

Webinars and e-learning

We offer a range of short courses available to complete online. Covering topics like managing diagnoses and empathetic reflection to pre-verbal trauma and managing self-harm, our clinicians have developed a variety of e-learning webinars to help support parents, carers and professionals. These are available in a variety of formats, either hosted live or available to watch on-demand.

Training packages

eTR-UST Plus: Our eTR-UST Plus (delivered virtually) packages are ideal for providing in-depth support to parents and carers. This package includes the TR-UST/eTR-UST course and one-to-one parenting support sessions with one of our clinicians. They can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

A-ABC Plus: Like our eTR-UST Plus package, we are able to provide in-depth support to parents and carers attending our A-ABC programme too. This would include the A-ABC course and one-to-one therapeutic parenting support sessions with one of our clinicians. They can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

Bespoke training

If you are looking for a particular training course, either for professionals or parents and carers, please get in contact with us. We are open to developing bespoke training courses depending on the requirements.

We can also offer tailored training courses to organisations like schools, residential homes, fostering agencies and more. Please make contact with our training team on [email protected] for further information.

We are open to suggestions about training and webinar topics too. If you would like to provide us with feedback for content you would like us to consider developing, please get in touch with us.


There are a variety of ways to access our training services. For eTR-UST or A-ABC, please contact us directly about joining the course. We can provide you with the information about the application process and give you the details for payment.

If you are an adoptive parent or special guardian, you might be able to access the course through your Local Authority/Regional Adoption Agency. You will need to get in touch with your social worker or post-adoption team first. Please contact them to ask about whether your place might be funded through the Local Authority/Regional Adoption Agency. They will need to make contact with us once a funding route has been agreed.

Our webinars and e-learning options are available to be purchased through our partner website, ClickMeeting. Please view our upcoming events to choose the content you wish to purchase. Click on the event in the link, then follow the payment process.

For our live, interactive courses (like eTR-UST and A-ABC), you will need a laptop or tablet device, webcam, microphone and an internet connection. Mobile phones can be used, but they do not offer the best possible experience for the participant.

Our webinar and e-learning courses are usually available on-demand. That means you simply need a laptop, mobile phone or tablet with speakers to watch the content. An internet connection will be required to access the content.

Yes, we offer a range of options to help support parents and carers.

Our TR-UST Plus (or eTR-UST Plus) package is the most popular. This includes a place on the eTR-UST course, along with individual support sessions with a highly qualified clinician, giving parents and carers the chance to talk through the training content with their therapist.

We also offer an eTR-UST and A-ABC package, which gives parents and carers the option to complete the foundation course and then the advanced-level course. This option is particularly suitable for parents and carers of teens and pre-teens.

We can also offer a range of bespoke packages according to the need. Please contact us for further information.

Social workers can make a referral at any time. Please view our upcoming events page to see what courses we have available. Please note that we require an application form (completed by the parents or carers) and funding approval by the funding deadline. We cannot confirm spaces without this information.

Please get in touch with [email protected] for more information.


Our goal is to provide a high-quality, flexible and timely service that really makes a difference in the lives of the children, young people and families we work with.

“The presenters were both excellent and highly knowledgeable with a brilliant, professional yet approachable style.”

“Thank you so much for a highly considered and important course. I’d highly recommend it. Everyone should do it.”

“I found the course most enjoyable, it matched to our current circumstances at home. We have already been trying out some of the strategies with our youngest. The attention to detail was noted.”