Specialist psychological services for public sector organisations

Gateway Psychology is a highly specialist provider of psychological services for children, young people and families. We often partner with public sector organisations to help provide expert support for a wide variety of needs. From Regional Adoption Agencies and local authorities to residential care and educational settings, we are experienced in working with children’s services to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Adoption Support

Gateway Psychology regularly provide assessments and therapeutic intervention for adopted children and those under special guardianship orders. As a registered Adoption Support Agency, our work is usually funded through the Adoption and Special Guardianship Support Fund. If you are interested in referring a client to us, please get in contact with us.

We are rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted for our work with adoptive children, young people and their families.

Our services

In addition to adoption support, we work with a variety of organisations to deliver specialised psychological support to children, young people and families. We provide assessments, therapeutic intervention and consultation sessions to help achieve specific goals, and our work is always tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the child or young person.


We provide a variety of different assessments on behalf of Local Authorities, Regional Adoption Agencies and other professional organisations. These include assessments of therapeutic need, assessments of placement needs, ASD assessments and more.


Our highly-qualified clinicians are experienced in a range of therapeutic interventions, and we always tailor our approach according to the individual needs of the child and the family. We are trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches too, such as DDP, Theraplay®, EMDR and more.


Individual consultations with parents or professionals can be a helpful way to gain psychological insight into a particular situation. These sessions are not intended to be in-depth therapeutic interventions, but can help to find a way forward or decide the next steps.

Our therapeutic approach

At Gateway Psychology, we aim to help each child or young person through the challenges or ‘gateways’ faced at a particular time, whether emotional, behavioural, relational or developmental. The Gateway Model explains how we work. Our therapeutic model is based on research about how trauma affects the brain, and informs the therapeutic interventions, assessments and training programmes we deliver.

Our clinical team

We have a highly-qualified team of clinical psychologists and psychological therapists here at Gateway. In addition to many years’ experience of working with children and young people, our clinicians are trained in specific therapeutic approaches such as Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) and Non-Violent Resistance (NVR). We always allocate the most appropriate clinician to suit the individual requirements of each child, young person or family.

Funding our services

Many of our assessments, therapeutic interventions and training programmes are funded by Local Authorities, Regional Adoption Agencies or other organisations. Some of our services are also available through funding streams like the Adoption and Special Guardianship Support Fund. Please get in touch with us if you would like further information or speak to your organisation’s representative.

Making a referral

Our referral process is designed to be as simple as possible. To refer a child, young person or family to our service, please send us an email or give us a call with as much information as possible. One of our senior staff members may contact you for further information and we may recommend an assessment to further identify the needs of the child or young person.

We will then provide you with a formal quote. Work with the family won’t begin until we have confirmation of funding, such as a purchase order or letter of instruction.

It typically takes 6 weeks from the moment we receive funding confirmation to open a case and book a first appointment. At present, we do not operate a waiting list.

If you have any questions or would like to make a referral to our service, please get in touch with our team.