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What does the course cover?

  • Attachment theory
  • The role of attachment in child development
  • How attachment relationships develop between child and carer
  • The effect of early experiences on brain development
  • What can go wrong with attachment and how this affects the child’s behaviour and development
  • How to nurture positive attachments/relationships in children with attachment difficulties (specific therapeutic parenting techniques)
  • How to manage challenging behaviour
  • The role of re-enactment and ways to overcome this
  • Barriers to effective parenting of children with attachment difficulties
  • Nurturing oneself whilst caring for children with attachment difficulties

What to expect:

This course is facilitated over eight weekly sessions of 2.5 hours per session. There will be a ninth follow-up session held 3-4 months after the conclusion of the course. This is a complimentary session and optional for participants to attend.

Training is delivered by highly qualified clinical psychologists and therapists with many years’ experience working with trauma and attachment.

eTR-UST is hosted virtually, via video conferencing methods. Participants will need a computer or mobile device, internet connection, webcam or device camera and microphone to participate.

Who is eTR-UST suitable for?

eTR-UST is aimed at parents and carers of children and young people who have experienced trauma, abuse and neglect. It is particularly well-suited to:

  • Adoptive parents
  • SGO carers
  • Kinship carers
  • Foster carers

However, all parents and carers are welcome to join the eTR-UST course. It is beneficial to parents and carers of children of any age (from birth to young adulthood).

What technology is required?

  • A laptop or mobile device (laptops are preferred, as they provide a better experience)
  • Webcam or in-built camera device
  • Microphone (usually in-built to the device)
  • Internet or mobile data connection.

A full technology guide is provided to participants before the course begins.

How to apply:

Please contact your social worker to apply for one of our upcoming eTR-UST courses. Spaces are allocated per Local Authority or Regional Adoption Agency.

In many cases, our eTR-UST course can be funded via the Adoption Support Fund. Please speak to your social worker if you think you are eligible for a funded space.