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Gifted and Talented

Children and young people who are Gifted and Talented –  those children who have exceptional ability often in the academic area also frequently demonstrate specific needs. These may be developmental, academic, social or emotional.

gifted and talentedThese needs are sometimes misunderstood, mis-diagnosed or minimised. Despite their importance for the child and family, they are frequently not able to access appropriate mental health services. Gateway Psychology provides assessment of children and young people who appear within the “Gifted and Talented” range. We offer therapeutic intervention to the unique needs of these children and young people. This may include individual work with the child, liaison with the school and consultation with parents and carers regarding specific skills to support their child.

We have established associations with educational psychologists and psychiatrists. They can further assist in the assessment and help with children and young people considered ‘gifted and talented’.

We also maintain links with the Greater Manchester & Cheshire branch of Potential Plus UK (previously National Association for Gifted Children).