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Expert Witness

Gateway Psychology can draw upon a team of highly experienced child psychologists who are able to provide assessments and reports for the Court relating to Child Care Proceedings, Contact Disputes, Capacity Assessment and Medico-legal issues following Personal Injury claims. This includes acting as an expert witness to the Courts as required.

expert witness

Our assessments are thorough and thoughtfully planned. Our approach is child-friendly and we do our best to be creative in order to make the assessment process as easy and stress-free as possible. Depending upon the nature of the Instruction, an assessment might include:

  • Interview with the child and key adults
  • Play-based assessment
  • Observation in various settings, including school and contact sessions
  • Psychometric assessment, including cognitive assessment, as appropriate
  • Liaison with relevant professionals

Assessments are always carried out by, or under the direct supervision of a fully qualified clinical psychologist. Our reports are clear and comprehensive and give evidence for opinions and recommendations. We expect that our reports should provide the Courts and relevant professionals with crucial psychological information and perspective to guide important decision making processes.