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Consultation sessions with our psychologists and therapists are available to parents, carers and other professionals involved in the network around an individual child. Consultation sessions provide the opportunity for these key people to meet with a Clinical Psychologist to gain a perspective on the current difficulties and to consider options for a way forward. It is an ideal opportunity to pool knowledge about a child and think about how the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ fit together.Consultation - Gateway Psychology
Usually a consultation session would last between one hour and ninety minutes; this allows a thorough consideration of the factors that might be contributing to current difficulties. A consultation is usually a “stand-alone” meeting, although follow-up consultations can be requested as appropriate.

Typical issues brought to a consultation include:


  • Understanding and managing puzzling behaviours
  • Understanding and managing risky behaviours
  • Ideas for parenting strategies
  • Concerns about a placement breaking down
  • Concerns about a pending placement move
  • Concerns about educational issues, e.g. poor attainment, school refusal, transition to High School, etc
  • Initial discussions to consider possible therapeutic intervention


Anybody within the child’s network can request a consultation, although it would need to be agreed by those with parental responsibility and those responsible for funding arrangements.