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Adoption Support

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Gateway Psychology are specialists in working with adoptive children, their families and the system surrounding the adopted child.

Our Adoption Support Agency Services

One of our core specialisms is working with children, adoptive parents and the system surrounding the adopted child. Our team of highly qualified clinical psychologists and associates are experienced in the unique and sometimes complex challenges and difficulties that can arise in an adoption situation.

We are specialists in this field, and offer a number of services that are designed to support and optimise the adoption process. By utilising a variety of therapy approaches, we provide support and services to the child, the family, the adoptive family and for the professionals involved within the process.

An Outstanding Adoption Support Agency

We are a registered adoption support agency, and we provide support in the Staffordshire, Cheshire, Telford and Wrekin, Shropshire and Derbyshire areas. We can also provide services to children, adoptive parents and professionals in areas further afield should the need arise.

We are also regularly inspected by Ofsted and have strict procedures that comply with the adoption national standards. We are rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted for our work with adoptive families. To find out more about our policies and to read our latest Ofsted report, please visit our adoption policies page. To view our certificate of registration, please click here.

Assessment and Therapy

We provide assistance to adopted children and their families with psychological services and different therapy approaches. We work with both the child, family and system around the adopted child to:

Provide training

Whether you are an adoptive parent or work within the adoption system, we provide training on a wide variety of topics and issues. View our training page for more.

Work with the system

To increase the stability of the adoptive family, we work with the system around the adoptive child to provide support, guidance and consultation where required.

Improve bonds

While adoptive situations can sometimes be complex and challenging, it is important that healthy bonds between adopters and their adopted children. We work to improve these bonds.

Minimise breakdown

Adoption breakdown can be traumatic for both the child and the adopters. We work with both the child and the adoptive family to minimise the likelihood of this happening.

How We Work With You

Local Authorities: We are experienced in working with Local Authorities during adoption processes and often partner with a variety of Local Authorities to agree the types of services that might be needed. If you work with a Local Authority and require psychological support, please get in touch with us to discuss your needs further.

Adoptive parents:  Adoptive parents are also welcome to get in touch with us directly to discuss their own needs, as well as the needs of their child. We can provide support both pre and post adoption (or both), depending on your individual requirements.

Training: In addition to our therapeutic and psychological services, we also provide training workshops for both adoptive parents and those working within the adoption system. To find out more about the types of training we provide, please take a look at our training page. We can also create bespoke training packages where necessary.

If you are looking for this psychological support before, after or during the adoption process, we can work with you in a variety of ways. Because every situation is different, we will assess the needs of the adoptive parents and the child on an individual basis. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

Adoption Support Fund

Our work with adoptive families is often supported through the Adoption Support Fund (ASF). We undertake a wide range of therapeutic approaches and training for adoptive families, which are often commissioned to us by Local Authorities and funded by the ASF.

The Adoption Support Fund was developed to provide help for adopted children and their families after adoption has taken place. Specifically, it helps to pay for therapeutic support and helps families access the services they might need.

For adoptive families that need psychological support, many of the services we provide at Gateway Psychology can be accessed via your Local Authority. Your Local Authority will assess the level of support you might need and make an application to the Fund. The work will then be commissioned to us by the Local Authority should the ASF application be approved.

As we are an independent service provider for the adoption work we do, we are Ofsted registered and our Ofsted report is publicly available to view wherever required.

How to access Gateway Psychology’s services 

If you are an adoptive parent and believe your family and child requires therapeutic support, it may be possible for our services to be funded by the Adoption Support Fund. All funding needs to be applied for by your Local Authority.

The process of accessing funding is based on an ‘assessment of support needs’ carried out by the Local Authority. They will assess the level of support you and your family are likely to need.

Once assessed, the Local Authority will apply for the funding on your behalf and they will arrange the payment with the service provider (for example, Gateway Psychology).

We can assist by signposting you to the right people to talk to, especially Social Workers within your Local Authority.

Adoption Support July 2, 2015